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The Importance of Working with Local Law Enforcement

Today’s private security officers are more than a mere token presence in uniform. These highly-trained men and women are professionals in a variety of areas including surveillance, use of force, tactics, and even emergency medical treatment. But their authority to act is circumscribed by the fact that they are not sworn law enforcement officers. The best way to deal with this limitation is for private security guards to cultivate close working relationships with local law enforcement officers.

The Benefits for Security Guards

Because private security guards are not sworn law enforcement officers, they do not have authority to arrest, conduct investigatory detentions, or engage in non-consensual search and seizure activities. And yet it is not unusual for security guards to find themselves in situations where those exact types of actions are needed. A Bay Area security guard company that has a good relationship with local law enforcement can be assured of a prompt response to the scene and a willingness to assist on those occasions when officers must be called to step in.

The Benefits for Law Enforcement Officers

Despite their best efforts, law enforcement officers simply cannot be everywhere all the time. In residential areas, officers often rely on citizen patrols and neighborhood watch groups to be their eyes and ears. But vacant office buildings and parking lots are prime targets for criminal activity at night, and local law enforcement agencies don’t have the manpower to provide a constant presence in these areas. Moreover, special events and corporate gatherings are generally private affairs held in locations that are sheltered from public view – and from the view of patrol officers. There is simply no way for officers to know that trouble is brewing at a private venue until it has exploded into something unpleasant and someone has called 911.

But private security guards, with their trained powers of observation, can be on the scene when officers can’t. Their mere presence is often enough to deter misconduct or criminal activity. They can spot potential conflicts and often successfully diffuse them without the need to call law enforcement. But if the problem persists, the security guard can notify officers of the problem and get their assistance before it spirals out of control. When private security guards are present, law enforcement officers are far more likely to have to deal with a mere verbal altercation rather than a violent incident.

Mutual Symbiosis

Law enforcement officers and private security guards are two members of the same team working toward the same goal: the safety and security of others. Regular liaison between the two groups can create a good working relationship that is ultimately beneficial to both.

For more information about reliable security guard companies that work with local law enforcement, contact ADS Guards. We are proud and honored to have a great working relationship with local police tasks force, helping to ensure the quality of security that we provide to our clients. Call us at 1-800-794-1500 for more information and find out how we can provide you with residential, commercial, industrial or corporate security in the Bay Area.